Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tell me the truth

OK, I am trying to decide about registering.

The problem is I am worried what people might think.

Will they think,

"Seriously, the girl has already had 2 kids! What could she possibly need?"


"Good, now I will know what she needs."?

As I have mentioned before, it is not that I need a lot. Clothes, bedding, blankets, and layette stuff are totally taken care of. I have all the big stuff that is necessary right now.

It is mostly essential type stuff like diapers, wipes, nursing stuff, and few other things. It has been 5 years since my last baby.

I just don't want people to think I am saying,

"WoooHooo, Look at me! I am pregnant! Buy me stuff!".

Yikes, NO!

I am really thinking about it for 2 reasons.

First, for me. I am a list maker. A.LIST.MAKER! And doing the registery really helped me see what I actually needed and what kinds of those things I was interested in. I figured if nothing else, it will save me the thinking part later when I go to buy something but my brain is mush!

Second, IF people did want to generously offer to make a purchase, I figured it would make it easier on them if I could direct them to specific websites or things.

The silly thing is I am actually working on registries at 3 places! But all the lists are really small and a lot of things are duplicates. Again, I was thinking it would be easier on me and them depending upon where they live or if they want to use the Internet.

The lists are actually in transition. I already know a few things I need to take off. I also have some friends who are helping me decide which types of products are really best. There are so many choices when it comes to cloth diapers and safe disposables and slings, that I have my experts working on it for me! :) So more items will probably be deleted after that.

So really, tell me the truth.

Is it bad that I am even doing this?



Someone Being Me said...

I don't see a problem with it since your kids are spaced so far apart. Especially if there is a chance someone may throw you a shower. I didn't register since my boys will only be 2 years apart and I have almost everything I need but diapers.

kelli said...

I say do it! Even if it's just for your own sanity. And there will be people who ask, or who live far away, and it's so much easier to buy somebody a present when you can pick something off a list and click ship. I can promise around my house things don't get mailed any other way!

Anonymous said...

You should do it. I registered w/ Bug... just so folks would know what kind of products I preferred as far as diapers, wipes, detergent, etc. Not many folks used it, but some did!

The West's said...

yes, absolutely, do it... the organizational factor would be a big one for me too... AND there are so many new cool things that weren't available before... AND you don't have to go around telling people it's there, but if someone asks, voila it's available!

Kimmy said...

Do it!

Cyndy said...

Do it!!! Even if people don't use them, they can look at them and see what colors and kind of things you're interested in. Especially if they are planning on doing something special for you!

Got any names picked out yet?

Jennifer said...

Yes - do it! And if someone has a problem with it, well,'s their problem! My thoughts are EVERY baby is a blessing...whether it's the 1st or 18th! And why doesn't the latter baby deserve some nice new things as well? I threw a big baby shower for my friend who had her 5th baby (and hers are not terribly far apart) and had a terrific turnout. I think most people are just fine with it...and those who aren't? So what! LOL!
Whether you need just a few things or lots...this baby deserves some new stuff! So don't worry if someone doesn't think it's a good idea...go for it! And it definitely makes it easier (I think) for others to know what you need!

Mommy Cracked said...

If it helps you stay organized and gives people the information they need, then I don't see a problem. I'd rather know what a person needs or wants than to take a blind guess.