Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My daughter is the doing the No School Happy Dance this morning.

Which is totally ridiculous in our area since the weather is not that bad. A late start, maybe. No school all day, a waste of a day.

I guess there will be cookie baking in our future today as there has been for so many of my friends in north Texas and Oklahoma.

I wonder if my daughter will do another happy dance later when she finds out that we are cleaning her room today?

I will be!



Jennifer said...

hope you guys have a fun day off. I'm excited about a pajama day today but will be sad in the spring when we have to make it up!

Martie said...

We have not had a snow day here in 20 years and in the winter it typically goes down to even negative 30 or 40, and we get snow, snow, snow. It's not fair! And honestly, I get so scared to put my children on the school bus. I worry so much about their safety.


Jennifer H. said...

It was a great day!! I was so productive!