Friday, January 2, 2009


As in all the things left over in my brain from the last month!

* As a class ambassador, A got ride on her school's float during the city Christmas parade. She loved wearing her pj's for their Polar Express theme. Although you couldn't see all the kids' pj's cuz it was so stinkin' cold that they had to wear lots of outerwear. I only took one pic because my camera battery died. Lots of video though. If only I knew how to download it! Their school won the grand prize of $1000!

* Our extra fridge went kaput last week. It was our wonderful hand-me-down that lasted us 9.5 years and had recently found a home in our garage as our extra fridge. Although I didn't keep it packed, it was great for storing freezer foods and whatever few extras we had purchased. I will actually miss it, but at least that means a bit more storage area in our garage.

* Yes, I actually shopped a bit the day after Christmas. It was only semi-intentional! I knew I wanted our new ornaments and also needed to buy a few essentials at Wal-Mart. I did NOT need any Christmas decor stuff! I always buy our ornaments that represent the previous year at the end of the year. Does that make sense? I found perfect ones for 50% off. I probably could have waited for more off, but then my "perfect" ones would have been gone. I should have taken a pic, but I found a man watching football on a big TV with remote in hand, a pretty cheerleader, a sweet mother/daughter duo, and Indian Jones. The last one is for my son. He is taken with the older movies and "Dr. Jones" and I thought it was perfect. He did too! At Wal-Mart, my well intentions fizzled when I got s*cked into the aisles of stuff that could be kid gifts next year. At least I can say that I am finished with small kiddie gifts for mine and extended family & friends!!

* My husband has been on "vacation" since the 24th. He goes back tomorrow. Most of it has been taken up with studying for a professional certification test that he let expire. (He won't do that again!) He has been reading material for the past 4 months, but hit it hard this past week and half. That meant required isolation and quietness. Easy with two young kids around! After keeping the kids occupied and out of the house as much as I could, it is finally over! He passed! No worries, he has had some down time. He got to watch the Cowboys embarrass themselves again and relax a bit before I put him to work yesterday and today!

* We secured a last-minute appointment with Santa on the 23rd. We hit the road early and made it to the mall 45 minutes away so we could be first in line. We actually ended up 3rd in line, but anyhoo! Although I missed seeing the kids with the Santa we have known since my dtr was born, this one was really nice and the kids did great. We had already talked with the "real" Santa via email, but I am the gal that requires an annual pic!

(That pic was my first attempt at scanning. I am looking forward to playing with it some more and seeing if I can enlarge pics.)

(On a funny note, my dtr decided to cuff her pants all on her own. It cracked me up because I have a friend that wears her jeans like that all the time. I guess I have my own little fashion diva!)

* The kids and I managed a gingerbread house this year.

* We took the kids to see Madagascar 2 at the cheap movie theater. It was funny and I thoroughly enjoyed my tub of popcorn! Initially my husband bought a small cup of popcorn and one drink, which I quickly assured him that would NOT be enough for me and 2 kids! I found it interesting that there were several people there sans kids. Don't get me wrong, the movie was good, but I totally would have been seeing something else had I been without kids.

* My dtr has agreed to my idea about no birthday party this year. Her birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas which is always fun to plan! Instead, she and I are having a mother/daughter weekend in Dallas which will include shopping, visiting as many friends as we can fit in, and a night at a hotel where we will enjoy pedicures and a king-sized bed! She is very excited! The best part is that she will accompany me to my doctor's appointment on Monday for the big reveal!

* Yes, if little one cooperates, we should know by Monday morning what our future holds-boy or girl! Family bets have been placed, so we will see! Someone asked if I found out with the other two and I can emphatically say YES! I am a planner and need to have as much prepared this time around as possible. One part makes me sad will mean letting go of one gender of clothing. Of course, I will keep several special things, but still makes a little sad.

* So be on the look out for my baby post in the next week! There might actually be two. I will reveal our gender news and I am going to be asking for product suggestions and name ideas. Won't that be fun?! Put on your thinking caps!



Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Can't wait to hear about the baby news!!! How exciting!!!

I love the idea of a mother-daughter weekend. How fun will that be?!?! Way cooler than a party. Great idea, Mom!

Cyndy said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday! I'm planning on taking K. to the American Girl store sometime in Jan. I think we'll have a little mother, daughter, granddaughter time!

I did a double take on your comment of two baby posts next week. I thought you meant there might be a chance of twins. Looking forward to hearing the news!

Mommy Cracked said...

Great pictures! I, too, will be waiting in anticipation to see if the baby cooperates!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

EEEEEEEEEEEK! Can't wait for the big reveal!

Martie said...

I love the mother/daughter time you have planned! We need to do something like that too!

And as for the big reveal, how EXCITING!! I can't wait to hear!!



Kimmy said...

I loved this post. It was full of information . . . I can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or a girl.