Friday, January 23, 2009

(I wish I was) Leaving on a jet plane!

But I am still leaving, so that is what counts!

I am heading to Austin this afternoon to spend a fun weekend with my dear friend from college.

This is the trip I had to postpone from October due to children puking.

I am thinking that should puking occur this time, that pregnant momma should still leave. Cuz who really wants to watch a pregnant woman puke, right?

But since everyone presents healthy at this moment, I am saying a prayer and knocking on wood that my wheels will be heading South around noon.

Who you should pray for is my family!

The last 2 trips I have made out of town AND that involved my friends have resulted in someone in my family landing in the ER!


Trip #1- Little man jumped off bead. Bumped head. Head bled profusely. Resulting small wound requiring no intervention.

Trip #2- Dad arrived to bring my 85-year old grandmother for a week-long visit while he and his wife drove to Florida to watch OU in the National Championship. 5:00 PM- Crew arrives. 5:03 PM- Grandmother loses balance as my son attempts to hug her resulting in a fall and broken hip.

I kid you NOT!

I am out of town the next TWO weekends, both of which involve my girlfriends.

The kids are involved in roller skating, cheerleading, and a jump party over the next 2 weekends.

I am thinking a few extra prayers for their safety couldn't hurt!!

p.s. My grandmother had surgery and is recovering at a rehab unit back in Oklahoma.

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