Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Names withheld to protect the innocent (and of course, the guilty!)

I am not going to tell you about my wonderful weekend.

It would be too painful for you to endure.

All the wonderfulness, that is!

Aside from the 5+ hour drive each way (the + accounts for my bladder and stomach!), it was simply wonderful.

It was like staying in a 5-star hotel with a 10-star friend to hang out with all weekend!

It was simple and relaxed, yet so much fun.

Friday night, I got to reacquaint myself with her little boys. Like me, it is never a dull moment around her house with two little boys running around. Especially when we made the mistake of emphasizing the fact that I did have a baby in my tummy. The littlest kept telling me to "Lift your shrt" in an effort to gain proof. He was too funny!

Later that night, we settled in for the grandest of chick flicks (SATC!!) accompanied by all necessary snacks and beverages.

BTW, if you have only seen the movie once, like me, it is truly necessary to watch it again. And with a friend if possible. Has anyone else counted how many times Carrie wore the black studded belt?

I didn't think so!

That includes you my dear friend since you fell asleep while watching the movie!!!

Saturday morning was breakfast (my friend made the BEST blueberry scones from Super Suppers!) and hanging out with the boys before dropping them off with their grandparents. Of course, that was a treat for me too. I spent a lot of time at her parents' house when we were college and it was really good to see them.

Then she drove me to my long-lost love.


Thank you dear friend!

I got a few things for the kids from the $1 section before we simply perused the aisles at our leisure. This Target had a great clearance toy section. It said 50% off, but we got several things that were a bigger discount than that. I took care of my little man's birthday in June!

Then we went HERE for lunch!!!

OH MY! Who knew that a salmon crepe could ever make a pregnant woman so happy?!

(that's my best version of the needle scratching the record.)

What you ask?

Why in the world would any pregnant woman purchase, much less eat, salmon of all things from people selling crepes out of a trailer?!

Because I was told it was that good. AND it was even BETTER! And besides, these people actually won a Bobby Flay Throwdown. I don't watch Bobby Flay, so I may be off on the name, but you get the point!

Seriously, listen up people! If you make a trip to Austin, GO EAT THERE!

And to my new Flip Happy friends....since you are in a trailer, I think a traveling roadshow my way would be awesome!

The rest of the afternoon included Starbucks, a trip to pick up some supplies for the frames I love to make now, and a little R&R before some big R&R.

Before heading out to dinner, we experienced incredible pedicures and very nice manicures!

Now the term "we" can be used in several ways here.

Sure, I could be using "we" in reference to me and my dear friend.


I could be using "we" in reference to me, my dear friend, and her most awesome husband.

All I am saying is that he is a good man that understands the importance of upgrading his personal hygiene routine to include his feet and hands!

(Dear Friend's Awesome Husband- Thanks for making me laugh this weekend! You rock!)

Dinner was some really good Mexican food.

And possibly a sip from my dear friend's very, very good beverage!

Another movie, then we were off to sleep. Some of us sooner than others!

After waking up at 8 AM (miracle!) and lounging a bit, we made our way to breakfast which was a divine buffet lasting well over an hour!

Because that is what is possible when only adults are seated at your table.

A funny story about the lounging part! At breakfast, we discovered that we both had been lounging in our respective cozy beds while watching a rerun of 90210! At the same time, each thinking that we should really be getting ready instead! Great friend think alike!

I hated to leave!

It was a wonderful weekend with good conversation and good memories, old and new!

I could never thank my dear friend and her most awesome husband enough for going above and beyond the call of hosting duties!

I can't wait for our next adventure!



texastanya said...

Good friends are the BEST medicine.

kelli said...

that sounds like the BEST weekend ever.

i love crepes. i miss crepes...

Martie said...

Wow, good for you! In 23 years of being a mom I have not done anything even relatively close to that. One time I did fly by myself to another state, but that was because my sister had her first baby. There were a few fun times, but mostly I needed to fend for myself the whole time. I need to have a getaway sometime too! (But I know I won't). I hope you returned home happy and well rested!


Mommy Cracked said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time!!! You deserve it!

Kimmy said...

I'm trying to figure this out on my own, but I don't think I'll get it. What does SATC stand for? (re: the chick flick).
It sounds like you had a great time!