Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mother-Daughter Trip 2009

My girl and I had a great trip!

Before pulling away on Saturday morning, little man was pretty upset. I loved that he would miss me that much but hated to see him so upset. He recovered quickly as Daddy had lots of "boy" stuff for them to do!

Our first stop was Sam Moon where she quickly found the "perfect" purse. Despite my attempts at persuading her otherwise! She also got a cute little ring. I am trying one of those hard case wallets...we'll see how I like it.

Next we ate lunch at ChicFiLa (yum yum!!) before heading to James Avery. I get her a charm each year and hope to give her a charm bracelet when she gets older. She doesn't know about it. I did not end up buying charms because geez they have spiked their prices since last time I bought. I am now 3 years behind, but will catch up later!

We visited a dear friend and her kids before heading over to another friend's house. Our kids used to go to school together and it was fun to see them play together again.

Our biggest shopping adventure ended up being at Bed Bath & Beyond. I decided to return my 2nd Shark because I just wasn't pleased. We used the cash to get birthday presents for my daughter, me, and my MIL. We also got little man his very own Cars Snuggli! We hit the "as seen on TV" jackpot there! While there, it was fun to see and visit with a mom from our old school. Our daughters were in Kindergarten together. Her daughter wasn't with her but the mom took a hug back for her from my girl!

Our day ended at another friend's house where we got to visit, play, eat, and sleep for the night. My girl looks so big compared to the youngest twins, yet they have grown so much!

The next morning was wonderful as we had a chance to worship at our previous church and hug lots of necks! Thankfully, I managed not to shed any tears despite how much I miss that place and all our friends. We were invited to join some friends for lunch by one of their boys. So cute! It was cold, but here is the quick pic I snapped.

Next we spent some glorious time at Target where I picked up some maternity pants half-price and some new comfy shoes for preggo mommy feet.

I was so blessed to get to spend a few hours with my girlfriends. Just chatting and sipping at Starbucks. At the same time, my daughter got to enjoy a play date with another friend so the girls and I could have some grown-up time. (Thanks Nathan!)

Then it was HOTEL time! We were both excited but tired from our many activities. We checked in and then hit Grandy's before enjoying our hotel night.

A chair just her size!

She was quite taken with the bathroom!

Our Grandy's picnic!

One of the yummiest meals, according to her!

After a peppermint pedicure, including a tickly scrub and some yummy lotion, we both got new toes and fingernails! You can't tell, but her toes are actually pink and orange in an alternating pattern.

We ended the night by watching a movie before she crashed.

Excitement over the king-size bed and lots of pillows!

Our last stop after the doctor's visit. We had to see everyone at my old work and share our good news!

I highly recommend this version of a birthday party! It was good for both of us!



Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh! How! FUN!! What a precious idea. I bet it will be one of her fondest memories.

And look at YOU with your cute baby bump. So sweet!

Kimmy said...

What a fun time you must have had! Oh, how I wish I had a daughter to share moments like that with . . . you look amazing. I love your tummy.

willblogforshoes said...

Ok, I'm planning this exact same trip... in August of 2015! In the meantime, would you be my mama?!

BTW, you look awesome!

Jennifer said...

She looks so much like you... and her excitement reminds me so much of my Claire at 7. Awww. I'm getting all nostalgic...
but not enough to get pregger, I'm afraid. ;)

However - YOU are looking too cute, and I'm sure you will all have a blast with that new baby when it arrives.

Mommy Cracked said...

I think that's an excellent way to spend a birthday! I know she will remember that for years and years to come. You look great!

I'm also trying one of those hard case wallets, too. So hard to get used to!