Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anysa's year in pictures

I am back. But not really.

My brain is tired and I feel uninspired to say anything.

Shocking, I know!

So, I have decided the next 3 posts will just be pictures with captions. It is actually more tedious to put together. But it is also rather mindless as a task in general.

And who doesn't love pictures!

I will start with Anysa and follow with Luke then the last day will be pictures of them together or our family. I know the pictures you will see separately are actually related events (you will see what I mean later), but I thought it would be more fun to give each of them their own billing.


I think Anysa was watching way too much Barbie princess movies. The black tap shoes and her "Yes, my lady" with accent are a dead giveaway!

Or I just wanted evidence that I really do run a tight ship around here!

It took some serious begging and pleading on my part to get Anysa to wear this cute outfit including the GINORMOUS orange bow. I loved this dress turned long shirt and she had to wear the bow. I was determined!

Pumpkin Patch Day

Post-Halloween dress-up

My Japanese Princess!

These are some pictures from our family picture day thanks to a good friend who took pictures for us. Next year, we are going to try for an overcast day, but we still got a lot of great pics for our Christmas card and my walls!

Anysa and her best friend/cousin Hannah! Let's hope they continue to "pretend" being pregnant for MANY years to come!

Cowgirl Anysa

Feeding the horses at a train birthday party.

Little Gym Graduation! She did so awesome and I think can be a true gymnast someday. We will go back to dance in the fall. We like to switch back and forth until she gets older.

Summer fun in 2007!

I PROMISE this really happened! She was having her grown-up conversation with her Gigi and when I went to find her I found THIS! I am SO.NOT.READY for this! She is all into phone conversations using very grown up social sentences.


Danette said...

She's such a precious girl . . . just like Mom! Check out (or any other picture publishing site) I use it to create photo books - one per child for each year.

Jennifer H. said...

Ummm, and why are you so tired? ;-)

Kimmy said...

She's so beautiful. And I love her name! Where did you find it?

Jenna said...

So cute!!