Monday, July 9, 2007

A shout out to my Terrific Ten!! (or maybe just nine)

Thanks to each of you that took a little extra time and joined me for a fun adventure. Not only did I get to meet several new friends, but I also got reminded why my "old" friends are so dear to me!

I will go ahead and get this negative part out of the way. I would be totally being dishonest if I said I wasn't a little disappointed that more people did not join our fun. I dream big, what can I say! But that being said, I think instead of being disappointed, I will remember that really I just got the cream that rises to the top!

I also have to admit that I was a little nervous when my first comment came from a young lady whose blog consists of, well, things we won't discuss here! Thank goodness Jennifer came along behind her quickly to relieve my anxiety!

Isn't Jennifer amazing by dealing with toddler, new baby, and graduate work!

And Danette, well she is not only smart but so darn cute as well! Can we still call each other cute at our age?! I remember our days of studying in our cube at the with my anatomy, her with her finances. Oh, and let us not forget all our fun hanging out at the "functions"!! I love that she has gone from the White House to Toddler House! But know this, she could jab with the big boys anytime she wants!

I loved "meeting" Barbara H. She is obviously a good woman, what with liking Mexican food AND chocolate! And she dated a mannequin boy-how funny!

Shannon is my running hero! I have been such a slacker, but she inspires me! And she continues to prove how darn funny she is!

I also "met" Sista Cala who has a beautiful blog site everyone should visit. It is so inspirational! And she made me so hungry for corn on the cob that I went right out and bought 10 ears!

Kimmy is my new Canadian friend! I can't wait to take a trip to Canada some day! And CONGRATULATIONS to her! She is officially the farthest from me, so she will get a goody from my stash!

Jenna is actually a new local friend with 4 handsome boys! I love that she helps people with part of the adoption process. If she will ever stop traveling this summer, maybe we can actually get the kids together and really have time to talk! ;)

Golda-thank you for moving so close to me! I love being able to let the kids play together and that I can get me some baby love whenever I want from the little ones! You make me laugh! Um, and I haven't seen no yummy ice cream cakes from you!! When I was 4, I had a Raggedy Ann ice cream cake!!

Rachel is another dear friend from OBU that was one of my partners in crime along with Danette and Leslie! We wouldn't need a tummy tuck if all we would do is get together and tell a bunch of stories from college. Ours tummies would be RIPPED!!

And I think Rachel summed it up best.

It truly is by the grace of God that I found each of you!

I am grateful!

I leave you with God's other beauties! I took these while driving (I know, I know!) last week because they were such an amazing testimony to His promise that still applies today!



Jennifer said...

Hey, sorry I didn't leave a response. I was thinking you wanted new people. You know that I read your blog so I thought I'd let the new lurkers post. Anyway, I added you to my "blogs I read" since I use Jenn's blog to get to yours. It was a fun post and a great idea!

Jennifer H. said...

Thanks for the "shout out!"

Kimmy said...

I won? Wow. I never win anything. I'm loving meeting new people from all over the world (well, mostly from the U.S. and Canada) through blogging. It's been a huge blessing to me!