Friday, July 27, 2007

And the winners are.............

I know you are dying to know, but I have a few things I want to say first!

This has been such a fun experience! I got way more visitors than I truly ever expected. I only got 23 with the Ultimate Blog Party (I chalk that up to the fact that there got to be sooo many people that you couldn't help but be missed by so many.), so I admit that I had hopeful yet reserved expectations.

And as you can imagine, I am already twitching from visitor/commenting withdrawals. I have only had 1 all day, but honestly like me, I bet everyone is actually catching up with their "real" life or sleeping (since we got very little cuz who could pass up the prize possibilities!!).

233 visitors that actually commented just blows me away!

I have so many new people to stay connected with. The variety of blogs out there is amazing and I can learn so much from so many!! Over the next few weeks, I can't wait to add people to my link list!

I want to thank each of you for visiting, sharing, and inviting me over to your place! It was a fun week! I hate that there can only be 3 winners over here! By the way, I used the services of to help me out.

Are you dying from the suspense?

The 3 winners of my giveaway are:

Sarah at who wins the Luxurious Almond Body Buff and Body Velvet Set!

Angie at who wins an Arbonne Sampler Bag!


Dana (nonblogger) who wins an Arbonne Sampler Bag!


I will be contacting each of you personally by email so you can receive your goodies soon!

Oh, and one more thing.


Sweet Diann is providing me with the cutest t-shirt, note cards, coffee mug, and Starbucks coffee!!! She has a really cute blog site and a fun business you should all check out! I will add her to my sidebar soon!

Thank you all for your comments!

Make it a GREAT weekend!


Annabelle said...

Congrats to the winners! Thanks for hosting this drawing!

allhisblessings said...

Hi Stacy, I just emailed you my address, I can't believe I won. Thank you so much :)