Saturday, July 28, 2007

Strength in numbers

This is a serious one.

Hopefully, not somber. But indeed serious.

I felt like with all the fun we just had, it might be time to remember all that is really important.

I have had this mom on my heart for over a week now since first reading her sad, yet incredibly inspiring story. I wondered whether to talk about it or not, but the family kept staying on my heart, so I took it as a sign. Her story has made me watch my children differently. Soak them in; their physical being, their spirit; to hold them tighter, watch them longer, enjoy all that is small and big about them and their world. Her daughter and Anysa were the same age. It breaks my heart and I have cried reading her story. But, what is funny, is how much I have smiled simply because of the way this mom has chosen to tell her daughter's story and to celebrate her life.

The other is a mom whose story is more new to me, but I felt strongly about sharing. Especially since she has asked us to. She is a mom of two young boys and is fighting the beast of cancer. She wants you to share her story so other women don't discover this too late for themselves.

I know there are many, many other stories out there of incredible people fighting their own courageous battles whether they be battles of sickness, death, discouragement. I don't share these women's stories to leave anyone out, but simply to make you aware. Aware of them. More aware of those around you in your world. Maybe you are reading this and you are the one fighting a battle. Share your story and find strength by increasing the numbers of those caring for you, praying for you.

I have decided to add another link soon which will be my personal prayer list. My hope is that it will not only remind me each day to lift them up to God, but also be an opportunity to share them with you. If you have been given the gift of prayer warrior, I hope you will check back often and help me pray for them.


p.s. The kids wanted to go ride bikes tonight. Even though the grumpies were emerging halfway home, I am thankful for the opportunity God presented us while on our outing to remember to live life abundantly. We raced through the sprinklers along the way. Twice!


whymommy said...

Oh, the sprinklers! What fun!

Thanks for sharing this on your blog. The prayers, and the words, make all the difference.

Jenna said...

That just breaks my heart. Losing one of my boys is one of my worst fears. Both families will be in my prayers.