Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sew tired of the silence

I can't stand it anymore! It was all I could do not to write for A.WHOLE.WEEK! But don't worry, I have been keeping a list of all the things I have wanted to talk about ALL.WEEK!

Tomorrow, I will do my round-up and shout out in regards to my last post.

For today, in honor of being back, I thought I would just provide some of what everyone always loves when they open up someone's post.


These pictures are of my recent sewing project I just completed for my friend Golda. These are accent pillows and blankets for her twins room. Since I am the first to admit that I am an imperfect seamstress, I hope you won't take this as bragging. I actually forgot how much I enjoy sewing; the fabric, the creativity, the finished project. It is just much more stressful these days with little hands that want to help me or go help themselves to my sewing tools when I am not looking. My dream, of course, is to one day have a room for projects that need to be left out-sewing, scrapbooks, etc.

I was a total home economics geek in jr. high and high school. Yes, I took it twice. I wish I had kept my first dress I sewed. Maybe I did, but just don't remember where it is! After that, I never sewed again until I got pregnant with Anysa. I just knew that I wanted to sew her bedding. Big dreams for a gal that did not even have her own sewing machine up to that point! I was inspired by my professional boss who also happens to have the same "Martha Stewart Wanna Be" genes that I possess and who is a very talented seamstress! She gently guided me through the process and the results were good. We did Anysa's crib bedding, curtains, and pillows.

Over the next couple of years, I even did a few fun dresses for Anysa and Christmas pillows one year for all the family. Of course once pregnant again, I was determined to provide no less for Luke than Anysa received. Store-bought bedding-Never! Just another reason for him to guilt me later on in years! Well, he got his bedding, curtains (my first roman shade!), and pillows as well.

Later on, I tried my hand at mass sewing by getting ready for a craft show. I did bibs, burp cloths, hooded towels with matching washcloths, bath aprons, etc. It was fun and I finally sold or gave away all of it.

It has been 3 LONG years since starting a significant sewing project, so I have to admit I was a little nervous. Oh wait, I did sew baby blankets as gifts along the way, as well as Jen's "cootie cover"-that was fun!

Anyway, I hate to make the first cut in the fabric, but I did it and the results are below!

Annebelle's Giant Pillow-side 1

Annebelle's Giant Pillow-side 2 (and yes, the brown mink dot material is so yummy!)

Annebelle's Long Pillow- the back is a pink chenille

Annebelle's Blanket-front

Annebelle's Blanket- the back is the pink chenille

Jonah's Giant Pillow-side 1

Jonah's Giant Pillow-side 2

Jonah's Long Pillow- the back is blue chenille

Jonah's Blanket-front

Jonah's Blanket- the back is blue chenille

Sweet Dreams little babies!



Kimmy said...

Ooooh. I love those. I wish I could reach into my screen and feel how soft they are. They look soft. Great color choices. Great job!

Jennifer said...

These are beautiful. I remember at the craft show where you were selling your things that they were very pretty. You are great at it!

Golda said...

Ohhhh, the pictures don't even do them justice! THEY ARE AMAZING!! You must see them and touch them and hold them to truly appreciate them. I'm so lucky they are in MY babies' room!! Thank you so very much! YOU ARE AMAZING!

Sweet dreams, indeed.

Kimmy said...

Stacey: I keep forgetting to confirm with you that I did in fact read your comment about your intertest in my blog about my stepson's reactive attachment disorder. Please, by all means, provide me with an e-mail address and I'll get you set up so that you can read it. I'm actually curious to hear about your experiences with children with RAD from the perspective of your occupation.

Jennifer H. said...

I've seen them in person and they are gorgeous! Stacey is so talented!