Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You like me! You really, really like me!

But, boy you sure are making me tired!! I had to unpry my fingers from the computer last night/this morning because I just couldn't stop visiting all my visitors. What a neat crowd!

Anyway, I actually have to work today, but I will be pining away for you until later tonight.

The kids are at their grandparents since Saturday. We pick them up Wednesday night. Yessssssss, this is the SECOND TIME this summer! I am not doing so good with my home recovery as last time, but I am hoping to do double-time tomorrow while I am home alone. Yesterday was my day off, but I had some outside appointments and then there might have been some shopping to do. Maybe! Ok, yes, yes, there was shopping. BUT, it was bargain shopping!

There is a resale shop (proceeds for a good cause kind of shop) that I have mentioned before (Anysa's bike for $7, shoes for $.50). Anyway, yesterday was Ladies and Children's clothes for 50% off. Well, that is like sticking chocolate in front of my face! Plus, I had a 25% off coupon! My goal was to score for Anysa. I bought probably $200 worth of clothes (plus a pair of shorts and 2 frames for me) all for $40! SWEET! A couple of weeks ago, I bought clothes for Luke (for next 2 years!) from a friend and spent $100 for AT.LEAST $400 worth of clothes/shoes. Seriously, SWEET! Now, I have to break it to the grandparents that literally, I can NOT.FIT.ONE.MORE.THING.IN.HIS.CLOSET!

In honor of the kids being gone, I will leave you with a funny conversation I had with Luke right before.

Me: "Just a minute. Mommy needs to use the bathroom." (We had just come home from swimming and I went into the bathroom. Luke saw me and started for the door. And yes, the door was open!)

Luke: With eyes gleaming, "I want to touch." (I swear, boys get it from the beginning cuz Anysa was never like this and I nursed both of them! He is referring to my "girls" as I was pulling up my suit.)

Me: "No, those are Mommies." (Sorry, but I was feeling a little selfish that day!)

Luke: Looking puzzled, "But, are you still my Mommy?"

Me: Laughing, "Yes, I am still your Mommy, but these belong to Mommy."

Cracks me up! His once mine, always mine attitude coupled with the idea that not sharing my "girls" might mean he had lost Mommy-ownership as well!


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