Thursday, July 19, 2007

Luke's year in pictures!

Ok, Luke scored way more pictures than Anysa's year in review. While she is very photogenic, he just gets himself in more situations!

If you analyze these photos carefully, you could possibly call this post "The many outfits of Luke." I swear that boy is in his closet almost as much as his sister. Either changing clothes or playing dress up!


My sweet little boy helping out Mommy! He still loves to vacuum. And yes, this was taken more than a year ago.

This was taken the day before our babysitter moved away last September. Luke and Kendra were together twice a week between the ages of 6 months and 2 years!

Good to the last scrape!

Pumpkin Patch Day

My race car driver!

Post-Halloween antics!

Choosing Halloween candy takes serious consideration!

He is just that silly!

Remind you of Jeffrey-the winner of Runway last season?!

Luke and his lip in time out!

Post-nap entrance!

Some of Luke's fall pictures for our Christmas card.

About 5pm. Obviously, he had missed his nap that day!

Losing the nap battle behind his bedroom door!

Amusing us on a road trip!

"Detting the bad duys!"

In the kitchen with Luke!

I was so mad, but it was one of those situations that was also remarkably humorous. Don't you think he did a nice job for a 2 year old!

Luke and his horse friends at the train party.

Bob is not only a Builder, but he also preaches!

Entertaining Mommy!


Jennifer H. said...

Okay, Luke did better on his nails than I could do on mine!

Jennifer said...

Those are precious! I can't pick my favorite- I love the pudding pics and also the nailpolish one. No dull moments at your house!

Kimmy said...

Luke's pictures are great too. I especially like the more formal ones. By the way, Luke's name is great too. If we were to have another child and it were a boy, the name Luke would be in there somewhere, somehow.

Jenna said...

Those are so funny!! I can't believe he painted his nails. He will hate that picture when he is 16!