Monday, July 9, 2007

All that sparkles

I enjoy the idea of the 4th of July. Celebrating our country, friends, family, food, fireworks. The Firecracker Fairy! I have always loved watching fireworks.

However, it seems over the last few years, this particular holiday has fizzled for us. We usually end up making last minute plans (if any at all) and it typically gets treated like any other day except we all happen to be home on the same day.

I have made sure the Firecracker Fairy knows where to find us each year, but other than that, it has become rather depressing for me. I mean, we haven't even had matching shirts for the last 3 years! A shame, I know, because you really can't have enough Old Navy July 4th t-shirts in your closet!

The Firecracker Fairy knew just what to leave on our doorstep. Each of the kids received a (cheap) movie and swim goggles. Anysa got those cute stretchy shirts with straps which I heard rumored to have been found at a local retailers for a mere $1 each! Luke discovered pjs in his sack.

This year, we did manage to all wear appropriate colors for the day. Once we eventually left the house!

We were finally forced out by all the rats!

EVERY.SINGLE.TIME Anysa sees portions of the new movie "Ratatouille" on tv, she roars with laughter and begs that they get to go see it. I accidentally mumbled something like "ok" the other day and I was stuck. It did look like it would be cute though.

We headed to a theater close by only to discover it was already sold out. So, we headed to the megaplex theater where they really do try to squeeze every last dime from your pocket. I mean, seriously, $9 for an adult to go see a movie BEFORE.6.P.M.! The kids were $6 each. My adoration for Netflix went up an extra notch after that. And Anysa gave it her best shot at begging for popcorn, but settled for sharing a drink between her, Luke, and Daddy.

It really was a cute G-rated movie. However, it would take a few more viewings before the kids actually caught the whole theme of the movie. And there was the cussing.

Shut-up and stupid. Ouch!

We came home for pizza before staking our place in a Wal-Mart parking lot for what I would describe as a weak fireworks show.

Addison and Lewisville are still among my favorites in our area!

Luke's first corn-shucking experience!

Anysa shucking her ear clean!

The only time Anysa's mouth would touch an ear of corn that day!

I had to stop Luke before he cleaned the cob!

Strictly posing!

Her cute shirts came in the white, an orange, and a yellow!

I hope your 4th s*p*a*r*k*l*e*d!


p.s. Anysa got about 4 inches of hair cut off 2 days later! It is so cute. Especially since she said that she loves that her hair looks like mine now! I would have totally taken a few more inches off but there is someone in our house who equates long hair with womanhood.

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Jennifer said...

I took Hudson to see the "rat" movie too on Sunday- just he and I. I thought it was a safe bet, being rated G and all. I was appauled at the language. Can't they make movies anymore for the ages 3-7 that don't contain these words? You forgot to mention that they said "hell" and "idiot" as well as "stupid" and "shut up." Nice. My 4 year old kept looking at me and shaking his head saying "they aren't supposed to say that." It almost makes me want to skip movies but I love them so much!!