Friday, July 13, 2007

Available for only $99.99 (sorry, no wooden leg.)

Thanks everyone for thinking of Curtis.

He stopped taking the anti-viral because it was making him feel really sick, despite eating with the meds. He went for his regular annual check-up on Thursday and his doctor put him on a steroid (which is actually standard with BP, so we are not sure why the ER doc didn't do so on Tuesday.) to hopefully decrease inflammation.

Although, it has worsened a bit since Tuesday, his speech is still good.

I included some new pics below. And yes, I am making him do tricks to emphasize what it looks like. Without doing tricks, it is noticeable, but not as much as in the pictures.

Attempting to close eyes

Raising his eyebrows (or eyebrow!)


The last one is my personal favorite because it really defines what is happening with the nerves.

And I can use to let everyone know that he is available for your children's pirate parties.

For a nominal fee.

We have doctor bills to pay!



Shannon said...

If only this had happened sooner I could have used him for Drew's party! Not only is your blog entertaining, it is providing much needed medical news. The internet is truly amazing.

Jennifer said...

shucks! My boys have March birthdays so we missed the pirate act. Maybe next year, right?

Hope he starts feeling better!

Jennifer H. said...

Wow. You can really see it. I'm glad he still go to enjoy his weekend, though! I can't wait to hear more about it Tuesday night!