Sunday, July 22, 2007

Free x2

I am actually very excited to share this contest with you!

Well, Horizon Organics is giving away $300 worth of gift certificates for their products to one lucky person that links to this contest. And even if you don't win the contest, checking out Horizon Organics is like winning in and of itself. You will learn so much!

If you have not yet considered the possibility of switching over to organic foods, I would encourage you to begin the process in that direction.

A little over 2 years ago when I began my business, I loved the idea that I had made a change based on learning about all the junk that was in my previous products. It just made sense then to really began educating myself on what should and should not be in all my other products. Household cleaners and the food we eat were next on my list.

Switching over to cleaners that were healthier for my family came relatively easy. For some reason, changing our food habits was a little harder.

Maybe it was the fact that we were all in a rut. Maybe it was that we were addicted to the things we liked (that weren't good for us!). Maybe we were convinced by the cheaper prices. Maybe it was because I live with picky people.

I don't claim to have perfected the art of shopping healthy all the time. I do claim to be making a conscious effort every time I shop to choosing more and more foods I can trust will be better for my family.

Does it cost more?


Maybe not.

I think it depends on what you are counting as cost in terms of your family.

The cost of the food or the cost of their health.

Without getting too high on my soapbox, especially since it is still made out of sturdy cardboard and not bricks, I will say this.

Do some research. Start simple. Think about ingredients. Start with healthier choices in general. Then, start by replacing 1 or 2 things for organic. Don't be hard on yourself. Be wise but not militant. Be respectful of other's choices.

What I have come to realize, as I have had to debate even those in my own household, is that I am looking at the long term, cumulative effects that will occur if I don't start making better choices for my family now. It is not about one food with one pesticide or one cleaner with one toxic chemical. It is about all of it together over time.

And remember, all this is coming from a person who is NOT perfect and is still learning about all this.

So, don't give me that look when you see me pulling out of McTransFattyAcids!



Jennifer said...

I agree that its so scary when you really take a look at what is in our food, cleaners, beauty products, etc......I will check out the post you included. Also, are you using any Melaleuca products? I have a friend at church that is a distributor if you need someone. All of their cleaners and products are chemical free and Earth friendly. I'm too taking small but educated steps in order to protect my family. Thanks for the tips!

stacey said...

i actually use shaklee. i was going to get into what my choices were and also mention that everyone needs to find what is best for them. but then i figured my post might get crazy long. sorta like this comment :) i might go into more details later to include some books i have read, websites i visit, stores i shop at, etc! might be a fun sharing post for everyone.