Thursday, March 13, 2008

My snow angels!

Remember yesterday?

In terms of my post yesterday, which was actually about last week, take a peek at the day that followed.

And remember, we live in Texas!

I knew it was coming. It always does. It almost never fails that we get at least one "snow" day. Sometimes that means a few flurries with nothing to stick to the ground and sometimes it means this......

Around noon on that day, the weather looked pretty pathetic outside my office and we knew bad weather was a possibility but I was not too worried about it! Other than the fact that I knew I would have to fight off incapable drivers as I made my way down the highway towards home later in the afternoon. One of my early afternoon kids had already cancelled, his mom siting "weather" as the issue, so I decided to call my local friend to check out things on my end of town. I work in central Dallas, but live west of there about 45 minutes (on a good traffic day!)

Good thing I did because the weather and roads were much worse, snow was rapidly accumulating, and schools were closing early! I cancelled my last two kids and hit the road, letting the preschool director know I was heading that way early. Surely leaving at 1:00 PM would allow me to beat traffic and get to my kids by 2:30 PM? Surely?!

After picking up my kids and arriving home at 5:00 PM (!), they were itching to play outside in our freshly covered yard. Who was I to deprive them of all that fun! After hedging their pleas to come play and using my camera as an excuse, I finally gave in and we had a great time!

For some reason, they wanted to pretend it was a swimming pool and dive in!

He is not one to pass up a wrestling opportunity!

Or the opportunity to be a kind gentleman!

His personality is part mischevious,

and part wonderment!

And I love all of him!

She, too, is not afraid to have fun!

Her spirit captivates me!



Jenna said...

It was fun, wasn't it! It is supposed to be 90 degrees on Friday! I love the description of your kids - and the pictures are great. That new camera does a good job.

willblogforshoes said...

What a difference between these pics and your last post!

Jennifer H. said...

I LOVE that last pic of A. She looks beautifu!l

Jennifer said...

looks like the kids had fun. They are getting so big!

The West's said...

you know what they say... if you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait until tomorrow!

Jennifer H. said...

Umm . . . I am awaiting the post I am a little nervous about! You know, the one that is previewed and has a picture from last Friday night!!!!!