Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I saw a brief commercial for this the other night and was glued to the TV!

With my own 20 year high school reunion looming ahead for this summer, how could I resist! Besides, I have always been a sucker for reality shows. The originals like Real World; not these over-the-top-I-might-slit-my-wrists-if-I-have-to-watch-another-minute ones!

Anyone going to join me tonight at 9 PM CST for a little TVLand goodness?

The funniest thing is that when I googled it to find out when/where, I discovered that the featured high school is right here in my backyard-Dallas!!


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Anonymous said...

Shoot! I missed it. I've seen the clips of it and I think I might would be hooked. I'm only interested in quality TV, you know.

Gotta go... HH just fired up tonight's Real World/Road Rules challenge on the DVR!