Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bag People

I love bags! And thanks to genetics, my kids do too! Oh, I guess their environment, which happens to be filled with bags of all sorts, influences them as well!

Several months ago, I made a real effort to start using bags. For reasons other than carrying around wipes, lipstick, and money! You know, for things like groceries and such. Honestly, I have not always been a good steward of bags in these other areas. I forget sometimes. I have plastic bags around the house from previous purchases that need to be used and reused. So I don't feel too guilty about them being around.

I know many of you already use bags way more proficiently than I do! But if you don't, I would just like to encourage you to start. Try it with one, then grow, grow, grow your collection!

You can get them lots of places.

These are my Target ones. They are good for the most things. They are a little on the thin side, so be cautious. I already tore one of my bags. Good canvas bags may do better for the long run, but these do work fine most of the time.

Smallest version

Largest version (I just found a mid-size version that I don't have a picture of.)

The size difference of between the large and small ones.

The small one folded up for easy storage!

A cute girl and her fav new bag!

A cute boy and his fav new bag!

So far, we have used bags for:

Library books
Long trips
Day trips
Dry cleaners
Goodwill drop off

Bags work for me!

Head over to Rocks In My Dryer for more great ideas!



Jessica B. said...

A little pricey, but they get so small you can throw 5 of them in your purse. Best thing I ever did! They are much sturdier than the Target/Kroger ones.

Heart of Wisdom said...

I have noticed everyone having them available. I use Trash bags and plastic Kroger and walmart bags for everything....
I also love bags...when ever I see them for sale I am drawn to them. lol

See you later fellow bag lady,

Kimmy said...

I'm so glad for the reusable shopping bag! I primarily use mine for shopping at the grocery store, but I use the grocery store bags for other things as well . . . skates, outdoor clothing for when the boys visit their grandparent's, extra stuff I need for work, keeping stuff together in the vehicle, just about anything . . . they're great. And just think of how the environment is benefiting from this idea.

The Carpenter said...

See what you have in the house before buying the ones the grocery store is pushing. We got several brand new cotton/canvas bags (very sturdy) for $1 last summer.

buy less,
buy quality
and think about the packaging

Judy said...

Our town is HUGE on the canvas bags - we all have them...wouldn't it be great to eliminate all the plastic bags???

The West's said...

we have lots of bags around here too, and use them often... I need to get on the grocery bag bandwagon though