Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Growing Up

Last week, A lost her second tooth! Another bottom one, PTL! She turned 6 in January, but I have yet to get her pics taken. I am thinking April will be my deadline for that because I want it done before a top tooth starts to loosen! What happened to the good ole' days of scheduling pictures within the week of their birthday!

Sorry, no toothless pics this time! At least none I have downloaded!

The other exciting news is that L may have finally turned the corner on wearing underwear to bed AND waking up dry the next morning. We were on a roll of waking up dry 2-3 days in a row. I still dreaded the extra laundry on the other days. So, when they left last Monday for the grandparents for a week, I made sure to send pull-ups for each night. I sure wasn't going to put that burden on them.

Upon my arrival, I learned that he had gone WITHOUT pull-ups EVERY night AND woke up DRY EVERY night! Yea for my little man! I have braved it every night since being back, and knock on wood, I think we are headed for life without diapers or pull-ups for the first time in 6 years.

Mmmmmm, maybe I should have anoth...... Oh, never mind, that is for another post!

Anyway, when I saw this picture I took during our snow adventure several weeks ago, I was struck by how much he has truly grown up this past year.

Where did these long, scrawny legs come from? Everyone told me my pudgy little boy would evolve into this, but to see it!

Even last year, he still had his cuddly cushion around his bones! But obviously, his love of not wearing pants has not changed!

And just to prove my point some more, when did this face....

turn into this face?


Oh well, more memory lane strolls later this week!



kel said...

It goes by so fast. I was just posting on how much Britt is changing. Just so fast.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me they grow up even more! I'm thinking of having the Wog cryogenically (sp?)frozen at 2. :-)

Jenmomof4 said...

We are clebrating that in our house too! Abigale had been wearing pullups to bed since being potty trained. She had been waking up dry since Christmas but I was still putting them on her just in case. So about 3 weeks ago we started putting her to bed without them and so far so good!

So after almost 13 years we are out of the diaper/pull up business! I just got a raise! haha