Thursday, March 6, 2008

My new regular feature?

Since it is always a surprise to discover what my children deem picture worthy, I figured I would keep sharing their perspectives with y'all!

Worthy of a regular feature? I don't know. You be the judge!


Remember my ode to Rick Springfield a few weeks back and my kid's love for 80's music as well? I thought I would share with you what takes place regularly while we are in the car. They almost never miss a car ride without requesting "Jesse's Girl"! Yes, that would be my son perfecting his guitar solos!


Our regular Wednesday visits to the library! See the unsuspecting older couple in the picture? Thank goodness it is blurry because I have no idea how to black out faces!

I actually took this picture upon her request. I think it is another one of her ways of asking for another sibling! I think she would be sorely disappointed if another baby ended up being another little brother. It is at least twice a week that I hear her pleas from across the room-as little pesky brother irritates her-"I don't WANT a little brother ANYMORE!". Don't worry, we discuss the inappropriateness of her words each time, but it is still funny when it happens!

Apparently, she wants you to discover the bleakest areas of my home. And by bleakest, I mean both in decor AND dirt!!

Oh, you will love this! They decided to document my visit to the doctor about 2 weeks ago! Here he is demonstrating how to use my nasal spray. Don't I look like the good little patient! Then you will see that they continued to entertain themselves with more pictures of them! Actually, that was one of our best visits to the doctor's office. They were on their best behavior and if taking pictures did that for them, then I say "go for it!".



Jenna said...

Those are HYSTERICAL!! I love them taking pictures of the nose spray demonstration. Do you think he had a clue?

Jennifer H. said...

Funny! You should have seen the pics Kaylee took at Nolan's party. They are hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Funny. You look thoroughly entertained at the nose spray demonstration!