Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Little Spring Chickens

My kids spent Spring Break on the "farm" with my husband's parents. For the first time in a few years, the break times matched up. His mom teaches ESL in their local public school.

I almost never feel guilty for shipping them away during their longer breaks. Believe me, when you see the pictures, you will understand! Between the fishing, the tractor, the motor vehicles, Gigi's cooking, and a few trips to the Dollar Store, how could you blame them!

When his parents built on this property 4 years ago, there was a lot of work to be done, including preparing the pond for use. It took a LONG time for it to fill up since rain always went around the town. Now that it is full of water and fish, the kids enjoy fishing off the bank or dock. This trip included a few boat rides. My daughter has been in the boat before, but this is the first time you could pry my son's fingers off the deck to get him in it. It is hard to tell from the pics, but he was pretty white-knuckled the whole time and begging his sister NOT to tip the boat! I found the whole thing almost as hysterical as his new fear of larger BUGS!!

A boat tour with Papa

There is a circle drive in front of their house. Upon arrival, it takes the kids about 2 minutes to fire up their engines and hit the "open road"! Seriously, you can usually find them out there right as the sun rises and close to sunset!

My daughter was so disappointed she could not take her larger bicycle on the trip so she could show off her improved riding skills. However, she did discover that on this bike she can do tricks! I envision some serious scabs in our near future!

They got to take a day trip to a zoo about an hour away. I have never been there, but from all the pictures I saw, it looks like a really nice smaller zoo.

These large barrels were a big hit for all the kids.

And from what I hear, "Girls Rule, Boys Drool", when it comes to conquering the barrels!!

I am afraid that after this trip to the zoo, my kids may ask for a kid instead of a dog!! They loved all these creatures (stinky!), and in turn, got a little love back!

I just threw this one in because I thought it was such a pretty picture!

We hope you enjoyed your time at the zoo today! Thanks for coming!



Someone Being Me said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait till Bear gets big enough for that stuff.

The West's said...

Looks like his parents have a pretty nice set-up... and a fun place for the grandkids to hang out!