Monday, March 3, 2008

The Cash Cow is going down!

On Friday, my future living arrangements became questionable as I learned my jury-duty postponement request, which I faxed in on Thursday, maaaaay have not been received.

After sitting down to calm my spinning head and heart palpitations, I grabbed the phone with my sweaty palms and made the call.

Praying while I waited on hold!

Whew! They got it! No worries!

That incident, along with my late hours spent gambling online, made me wonder.....

Does anyone know if there is a good support group for Mothers Who Try To Win Money To Support Their Daughter's Webkinz Lifestyle?

MWTTWMTSTDWL, for short!

If not, then I may just need to go straight to rehab.

They have Internet access there, right?



kel said...

I also have a webkinz lifestyle to support for my girl at least they are getting easier and easier to find.

The West's said...

let me know if you find that support group... I have two to support (actually 4, because they each have 2!)

my favs are cash cow, tile towers, and the solitaire games...

K in the Mirror said...

Okay, I actually bought a webkinz for myself that I don't let my daughter play. We each have an account. I stay up late earning money for both of us. :) She spends it all on shoes for her cat, and I'm working on the upscale condo theme.

We're pathetic, yes?

Rachel said...

OK, thank God I'm not alone. I was having such shame for loving my kids Webkinz Worlds. And have you checked out Webkinz
Boo stays grounded from hers alot so Ry and I have to do her gardening and play with all 17 of hers. Ry is more reasonable, only 12 pets at this time. Being the furniture nut that I am, I just love playing with their rooms. Oh Stacey, what has happened to me!