Friday, March 14, 2008

Got help?

This represents last Friday for us. I am always home on Fridays with the kids, but last week was a bonus day for us! One of the neighboring school districts did not have school which meant I struck gold in terms of getting a little helper to come over for the day!

This precious 11-year old came over for 5 hours that day and was such a blessing to have around! They played for hours both inside and outside, watched TV, ate lunch, and did a little artwork. It was good to know my kids were having a good time while I got household stuff done!

You may remember that I have used her older (13 year old) sister as my baby-sitter on many occasions. In fact, she was my baby-sitter all last summer on the 2 days I worked! Some think that is a little young to be hanging out alone with young kids all day, but honestly, I can only hope to instill the same responsible nature in my daughter as she grows through the years!

A mother's helper, like her younger sister, is also a wonderful thing! I highly recommend you scope out your church or neighborhood for one! I know some people have them built in, but this is the next best thing! At that age, she is still a wonderful playmate while also able to be practicing her responsibility skills. And they go for real cheap! ;)

Anyway, here is a continuation of my water theme for the week!

He is making sure I understand that it is melting!

The team of snow engineers!

I see the family resemblance, don't you?! I was short on supplies, so the scarf, summer hat, and grapes for eyes had to do!

Attempting to salvage just a little more!

Now that girl has style!

And your in luck! In order to finish out my remaining water stories, you will either get a second post later today or one on Saturday!

I know you can hardly wait!



The West's said...

I'm am SO lucky to have my own built in helper, and another not far behind. I actually look forward to school holidays...

Anonymous said...

I HAVE an 11 year old. And a 13 year old, and I'd love to find some willing people to help me keep them busy - and pay them at the same time! The problem seems to be transportation - people tend to grab the nearest kids, and we have no one around us who knows them well enough for that kind of thing.
Oh, well, I guess that just means I get to use them myself, for free. :)

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh, I firmly believe that middle schoolers are much better babysitters than older kids. They want to play still and are more involved with the kids. High schoolers tend to want to talk on the phone and watch tv more often than not.

Last year my daughter was hired to go every Friday to a woman's house to play with her girls while she got things done around the house. It worked out great all around.

Glad you have such good help!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

ohhhhhhh, I need a mother's helper so BADLY! I need to get serious about finding one.

FUN snowmen! The white stuff didn't make it this far south. Oh well. Maybe next time! (har har)

kel said...

We have a neighbor girl whom I just love and both kids love.