Wednesday, February 1, 2012

July 2011

We had a very special visit from our friends that moved back to California!  It was so good to see the girls back together!  It looks like Anysa forgot to grow!!

Enjoying one of his favorite flip books, Trains.

Notice that everyone, including Brax, is doing work!  The big kids each had a notebook that I used for their daily to-do list, books they read, and review work assignments.  It allowed us an easy way to keep track of things for accountability, responsibility, and allowance.  It was a just a large spiral divided into sections.  I may tweak it a bit next summer, but overall it worked out good.

Losing a big one!

Just a sweet pic.

Brothers enjoying an indoor camping adventure!

Brax learned about post-cereal milk slurping!

The big kids enjoyed another swim season and did very well!

I love these moments.

It is hard to believe that these two were just little babes not long ago.  Brax and Owen are 4 months apart.

Just some push ups to pass the time at a swim meet!

All-American on July 4th!

Intense stuff here.

How can this be just 6 months ago?!

The kid gang.

On our way to the movies with friends...being silly!

He wanted to help out Daddy by getting a head start on the mowing.

We call Anysa the Cow Whisperer.

Heart flutter!  Love those boys!

I was terrible about taking pictures with my real camera in July.  These are all phone pics. 



Kimmy said...

LOVE the Coke picture:) Thanks for sharing the pics!

texastanya said...

Phone pics are better than no pics. :)
(and I'm guilty of doing the same thing...)