Friday, February 10, 2012


On our way home from Disney and Florida, I convinced my husband that we needed to take an alternate route back home through Alabama.

Birmingham, Alabama.

To hang out with someone I had never met.

At all.

You know he was all over that without question!

I mean, what in the world could be more normal than that?

All I can say is that it felt very normal from the first moment in the hotel lobby.  And the next moment at dinner where the conversation was easy.  And at the last moment at the pool.

The kids playing at the hotel pool after dinner.  Anysa is swimming with her little girl.  A young lady we didn't know was trying to help Brax.

Luke and her son in the hot tub.

My dear, funny, and real friend Brandi.  That is her original blog where we first met.  She is occasionally here now.  I'm strongly encouraging her to come back to writing.  She is super witty and insightful.  Yes, you are!


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Kimmy said...

Meeting a "blogging friend" face-to-face would be a dream come true for me. It's been such a cool way to connect with others. I'm so glad you were able to do that!