Monday, February 27, 2012



My baby girl turned 10 this year.

As much as I dreamed about her and for her before she was born, she has far exceeded those dreams to this point.  Our days together are not perfect and she has the same highs and lows as many young ladies her age, but she is a perfect match for the life God is creating for her.  I just have to continue to pray that God gives me the exact measure of what I need each day to guide, nuture, and love her through the years ahead.

We had another quiet family celebration this year.

She loved her earrings, bracelet, horse stamps, and cute shirts from Gigi and Papa.

I'm not sure I expected quite this reaction to giving her my old Kodak digital camera!  Luke is never far behind in the expression category!  Can't you just hear that scream coming out of her mouth.

This was her big gift from us this year.  I thought I had made it obvious, but she wasn't quite sure what to make of it.  I got her a cute bag with a travel bag inside.  Inside the travel bag, I put the iternary for our girls' trip to California to see our friends that moved.

Not really sure...

Ahhh, now she understands!

(In case you missed that football game, I'm glad we could provide a review showing for you!)

She enjoyed a little cash flow from her grandpa and nana which she hoards in her wallet for that special day!

These pictures are from this summer.  The last few years I have herded the kids at the same time for their "annual" pics rather than make 3 trips.  She is always a few months more mature since her actual bd is in January.

So beautiful...inside and out!

This was her school pic from just this past fall.  A mini-me, only more stylish than I was at her age!

Happiest of Birthdays my precious daughter!

Stacey aka Mommy

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Mommy Cracked said...

Happy Birthday Anysa! She is beautiful! I love these caught her expressions so well!