Saturday, March 3, 2012

West Coast Girls!

Our trip to California was so fun and so special!  I enjoyed planning the surprise for her.  Anticipating her excitement.  Sharing her experiences.

We got to the airport early, so we ate a bite and played around taking pictures. 

And here is where I brag on my over-packing self!  We got on that plane with 1 small suitcase, 1 backpack, 1 purse, and 1 tote bag!

My daughter was going to have 2 half-days at school on a Thursday and Friday, so we headed out of town on that Thursday.  We got there pretty late, but Tifani and I had already decided that we were not going to rush our days, so our first morning was about sleeping in and letting the day decide for us.  We probably didn't get to bed until 1 AM Texas time, but of course those girls were up early the next morning!

Anysa, Allexa, and Owen before we headed to the mountains for a little snow!

We drove about an hour into the mountains.  Not as much snow as usual for this time of year, but we found a sledding place and the girls had a blast.  I didn't download the video, but OH.MY! the screaming as they came down the slope!

I love heights and roller coasters and such, but I have found that my vestibular system has started to play tricks on me in the last year.  We ate a great mexican breakfast before going up and it almost did a little number on me!  Luckily not, though!

A scenic stop.

And a momma that needs some botox!

The beach was on our list for the next day.  Not the warmest weather, but the girls still convinced themselves they wanted to go in the water.  They changed their tune after getting wet!

We started our day with a little surprise for the girls...a red convertible!  They were very excited!  But, they were cold after the beach and didn't appreciate that the mommas wanted the top down for our drive on 1.  We tossed a few blankets back there, turned up the heat, and enjoyed ourselves!

I loved being there and watching her have fun.

These silly girls played so much "school" while on vacation!  At the house.  In the car.  Allexa asked for a projector for Christmas.  It was pretty cool.  Now guess who wants one!  I actually found 3 at our local garage sale store, so you never know!!

We really enjoyed The Mission Inn in Riverside.  It was so beautiful!

They were still taking down Christmas decor.  I bet it was cool at night.

They loved all the secret little doors!

Playing with my phone!

The Presidential Chair...I can see it!

On the 1, across from the ocean.  I could so do that!

My daughter actually released money from her very own hands to purchase her first pair of Toms.  She tends to hold tight to her cash, but loved the shoes and the cause.  Super cute!  Mommy loved them too but was a tightwad that day!  ;)

THIS was pure heaven for Anysa!  We got cupcukes from Casey's Cupcakes, a Cupcake War winner!  Cute little store and YUMMY cupcakes!  We sampled each other's and they were all GOOD!  I even brought home a 6-pack to share with the family.

We had such a great time on our trip and I am so grateful to our friends for hosting us!  I hope it is a trip she never forgets and one we get to do again.  I'm already thinking about ideas for future trips!


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