Friday, March 9, 2012

February 2012

Sadly, I have no snow pictures this year!  We have pretty much had fall/spring weather through the winter with a few cold days scattered around the months.

Brax is trying to tie the shoe in an activity book.

Beau sleeping on our backporch one day.  Apparently, he feels at home!

Brax had a cold over the weekend and I wanted to make sure it was completely gone before sending him to the gym nursery again.  Mothers everywhere are thanking me!  ;)  He was so good the entire time.  He either watched us, ate a snack, read his books, or played on my phone.  Near the end, he got a little more brave and decided to work up a small sweat!  I must say that he put a few of us to shame!  :)

Howdy, Farmer Brax!

The little girl who used to wear princess dresses, cute clunky dress up shoes, and lots of party jewels is this same young lady!  She had offered me clear instructions that she wanted to be with me when I looked for her dress and she wanted it to be sparkly.  I love that we found this dress at a discount store for about $8 and then only spent another $5 over at Payless for these pumps that were on sale!  Letting her wear heels seems a bit much, but they were simple, cheap, and for a fun event.  I couldn't think of a reason to say no!  My hoop earrings and a sweet pearl bracelet finished off the outfit.  Oh, and of course, a corsage from Daddy!

Anysa and her Daddy.

Just one year ago!

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Mommy Cracked said...

Wow! She looks so grown up!! I love, love, love her new hair-do! If I ever lose weight, I'm going to cut mine the same is so flattering!