Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pink and Black in Progress

It seems to be taking me forever to work on decorating this house.  I can't quite get Time and Inspiration to coordinate their schedules!

On New Year's Day, I started one little thing for Anysa's room and then got a sudden surge of inspiration!  I ended up getting several things done for her that day.

She has had the bed and most of the bedding for awhile, as well as the nightstand and desk/shelf combo.  If you remember, we found the latter two at a garage sale and converted them from white to black.  Not bad for $50!  I added a piece of glass to her desk too so she can put pictures, etc under it.

For Christmas, I got her a fuzzy pink pillow and a minky black blanket/pillow combo.  One for 80% off at a furniture store closing and one at W during their sale.  The silver frame was from her original baby room.  I had an old real b&w picture of an adorable baby in it.  I put the word "dream" on some scrapbook paper with sticker letters and added a black ribbon on the back. 

I would still like to embellish her lamp, change the drawer knobs, and add something to the wall above her bed.

I also converted her original bulletin board with the fabric from a dress I made her a few years ago.  I added ribbon and cute buttons. 

This is the original.

It's hard to tell, but the white framed pictures on her shelf are from her room when we took her from baby to toddler/girl room.  There is a Christmas tree blocking one in the picture.  The pictures are actually old magazine covers we inherited from his grandmother.  When we first changed her room, the concept didn't change-Dick and Jane-we just added some more things, converted her to a full sized bed, and painted her room.  I loved her old room!

This is her old room.  Two walls were pale yellow and two walls were this checkerboard pattern.  The pink and the green paint was mixed with glaze and it turned out so cute!  My inspiration came from know, that channel we used to watch before Pinterest!

Curtains are the same, but I still hope to embellish them at some point.  I just can't not have her precious little baby dress in her room (hanging on curtain).  I am sure she will veto it some day, but for now...  I started researching how to recover chairs, but have not had to nerve to try it.  I like the minky blanket over the chair with a little sparkle from her pillow!  I added her hanging lamp which she has had a long time but not up in her room for a few years.  We repainted several shelves from her previous rooms and added them now.  See old picture above and you will notice the lamp and one of the shelves.

I would still like to add something fun either above her curtains or on the chair wall.

This is her original dresser.  It totally doesn't match her new colors, but for now it serves it's purpose and makes me happy to see it everyday.  It belonged to her daddy and I decopaged scraps of fabric from her baby bedding onto the sides and top.  I used a mirror we had and added the ribbon.  I picked up the dress stand at Canton and she bought her umbrella at Disney.  More black shelves that used to be green.  The 3 prints are from Francesca Battistelli's line that I bought her 2 years ago.  They have the titles from 3 of her songs and the graphics are precious.  I have always meant to get them framed.  Maybe one day!

I really want some kind of cubby/dresser thing for this wall.  I want to find something cool and refinish it.  I just have to be careful because the space between her wall and bed is narrow.

Since she is falling in love with horses, we are hoping to find some cool horse prints and maybe even transpose a large horse drawing on a wall.

Now I need to get busy in Brax's room!


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Kimmy said...

I LOVE this room! Pink and Black are my favorite colors! Great job!