Thursday, March 8, 2012

January 2012

In wrapping up January, I didn't want to forget all these good things.

Luke received a Scholarship award during Principal's Pride.  He is hugging the principal, Mrs. Walley, and that is his teacher, Mrs. Walker, next to them.  She is a jewel!

This is really exciting!  Anysa and I had been growing our hair since I was pregnant with Brax which means almost 3 years!  At some point, we just decided to get it long enough for Locks of Love.  I couldn't donate because my hair is highlighted, but she was all ready to go!

Look at that hair!

We love us some Ms. Gretchen!  She is a tall glass of Southern charm and so sweet.  Love her expression!  Here we go....

And there it goes!!!!

Her new do!!

She loves it!  I love it!!  Everybody loves it!  :)

Oops, someone else wanted a picture of his hair. 

Anysa had her friend over one night.  They are sweet but crazy girls!

Brax showing me one of his many "tool" tricks!

More cookie decorating fun.

Luke at one of his UpWard basketball games.  It has been fun to watch how much progress he has made this year!

Brax thought he would give Daddy a little extra help killing the gophers.

Luke got a ripstick for Christmas, but has not had much success until recently after some intense practice sessions with his sister.  They really have it down now!  Those things are hard!!  Yes, I tried.

Brax swimming.

The painted toenail legacy carries on!

Just a little box fun!

I love seeing how much he resembles Luke at this age.

Anysa at a Girl Scout activity getting her groove on!

"Toffee" with Gigi and Papa.

Her birthday lunch at El Chico!

Practicing his stomp rocket.

One of Micki's puppies, Beau, decided to visit us.  Micki is not so sure about him.  He likes to roam the woods from his home to ours.  Is that crazy, or what?!

My Girl Scout troop picked up 7 bags of trash from the school playground areas!  Way to go girls!

Love those hands!

This goofy kid!  He left a bowl of meatballs at school for an extended period of time and I made him dump the dish.  Paying for his crime!


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Kimmy said...

I love the new haircut! What a lovely way to help others!