Sunday, March 18, 2012

SpRiNg BrEaK!

We don't always vacation during spring break, so it wasn't much different this year. Some years, I will travel with the kids to visit friends and/or cousins. Other times, we might have a visitor or two in our home.

This time, it was about being at home.

I tried to offer the big kids plenty of opportunities to earn some money with my daily activity/to-do list. While I don't think they maxed out their earning potential, I think they will still come out with a little extra dough in their wallets. I tried not to be the too-mean mommy and include fun activities as well as a few household and learning expectations. This allowed my house to not get too overwhelmed and my kids to enjoy science experiments and a family game every day.

I usually spend 3 hours a week at the kids' school providing therapy services, so I took advantage of that break in my schedule to cram most of my home health kids on one work day this week.

The weather has been crazy cooperative this week. Thank goodness! Cool mornings. Warm afternoons. Cool evenings. A breeze even when it was warm. Perfect. On Friday afternoon, I sat on my front sidewalk watching Brax play in the sand pit-his home away from home-while the sun hid behind a cloud and the breeze was just right.

I was worried how this week would go. Brax had his adnoids removed last year and we really felt that it was not really an option to let the tonsils hang around any longer. I would concur with our ENT when he described his tonsils as "ginormous". He fell into the same herditary trap as Anysa and Luke. My kids never experienced an abundance of sickness, just poor breathing and sleep. I actually have to say that we have been super blessed that our kids are rarely, rarely sick. Well, unless you count Luke who just happened to get a short-lived virus/croup thing 2 days before Brax had his tonsils removed. Fun!

Brax had his tonsils removed Monday morning and the benefits are already very evident. The last two nights he has had excellent sleep and I can barely hear him breathing. I really didn't expect that so soon knowing that there would be some swelling from the surgery, but WOW what a difference. As we thought, he mostly slept, took meds, and a few sips of liquid the first day and a half. He perked up more after that, although I could tell that he tired easily. He had no argument for me when I suggested we take a nap! Wednesday afternoon found him playing quietly in the sand pit during the cool morning hours. Thursday and beyond? Well, he has been pretty active. He hasn't even had any pain meds since Wednesday morning. That was the last time I forced it down him as he fought me all the way. We decided to see how he did with just taking the antibiotic. Little dude has been pushing the med in himself and we are all happier when the med cart comes around! I'm hoping the pain stays away, but we still have scabbing and scab sloughing to take place, so we will see! For now, he is enjoying his soft foods and I am enjoying his sweet little gargly voice when he talks to me.

I guess I thought having his tonsils out wasn't enough excitement. This month, we have played around with potty training. I didn't want to get too serious knowing surgery was coming up, but he has had some success when I offer the opportunity. He has actually volunteered a few times this week and enjoys sharing his accomplishments! Last weekend, we transitioned his crib to a toddler day bed. Of course, he loved the novelty of it at first! He slept with us a few nights post surgery, but has actually gone to sleep in his bed the rest of the week. AFTER, lots of books, a few tears, and mommy resting beside him until he drifted off. I don't mind because I get those sweet moments all to myself! ;)

The kids and I escaped the house on Friday afternoon to go see the Lorax. Although it was true to the original story/intent of Dr. Seuss (yes, I went home and looked it up!), I felt myself rolling my eyes several times at the propaganda feel of it. It was cute, had a message, and entertained 3 young children for 1.5 hours. I'll take it!

Friday evening, my husband and his dad and friend started work on our mini-barn raising. I had to make a massive grocery run to include our regular needs along with meals for the barn boys and family every night. It will mostly be my husband and his friend the whole week, but I imagine that his dad will stop in to help a few days as well. Should be interesting! Anysa will soon be the proud owner of a goat she will raise for the county fair, so the plan is to accomodate animals and all the manly equipment that is currently stealing my garage space from me! Anysa is hoping this a jumping board for her horse one day soon! :)

Saturday included a green breakfast in honor of St. Patrick's day, a trip to the store for some new flowers and gardening supplies, and me finally getting some items spray painted that have been hanging around waaaay too long. We spent lots of time outside as the weather continued to be just right and enjoyed a big lasagna meal at the end of the day.

Today, the boys got more done on the barn while the big kids started back with swim team practice. The weather was incredible again. Yes, I feel like a broken record but, oh so true!

The kids head back to school tomorrow. I have enjoyed having them home this week and feel fueled with a few ideas on how to plan our summer. It's just around the corner, so I better get busy!

Sorry no pictures. The ones of Brax are on my new phone and I don't know how to get them off. The rest I am just too lazy to download then upload from my camera right now!

Have a great week!


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Mandy-Mommy Cracked said...

Wow! Y'all had quite a busy week! So glad Brax did great! Trust me, getting my tonsils out at 19 was's great he got this done now. Loved reading about your busy week! We're still trying to get back into the groove after our week off. So tough when the weather was so gorgeous and we got used to being on NO schedule.