Thursday, February 2, 2012

August 2011

The kids and I made a trip to Oklahoma to visit family.  I really wanted to revisit the Oklahoma City Memorial because it was early in the reconstruction the last time I went there.  I think the kids were interested, but it was soooo stinkin' hot that day that we all were a tad miserable.

The incredible tree that survived.

Representing the precious lives lost.  I like how they did smaller chairs for the kids from the daycare.


The cousins...trying to stay cool.

Getting some Disney spending money from Grandpa.

Arrgg, me a baseball pirate, matey!

"I hab some berry importint work to do."

Brunch with my sweet friend and heart sister, Rachel.

A traditional Bison pic...Brax had a boo boo he wasn't quite over yet, thus the crying.

The fountain at my Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee.


The start of his long hair adventure!  Cutie!

First day of school!

Anysa-4th grade

Luke- 1st grade

Celebrating with Papa.

Getting his groove on!

He wanted to "shabe wike Daddy".

Showing me his fresh shave!

Luke in on the action.


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texastanya said...

Who are those grown up kiddos!?!? Oh my goodness! You have such a beautiful family. :)