Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

Hold the presses!  One more for 2011!

Since having kids, we rarely do anything for NYE.  The kids enjoy staying awake longer than their parents and toasting with a little sparkling grapejuice!

This year, we decided to invite a few CWK (Couples With Kids) over for some simple food and fun.

The kids enjoyed some crafts and peeking at a new baby.

Brax played a couple of intense games of magnet darts.

A few tunes!

And a great game of brown bag limbo!

I put together a bunch of topics for Charades and Brax had no intention of being left out!

The Toast!

Seeing these pictures makes me miss my house being decorated for Christmas!

Good-bye 2011!  We enjoyed you from start to finish!


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