Sunday, February 5, 2012

Disney 2011-Epcot

We started our park adventure at Epcot.  We counted on the part-educational, part-fun, and part-they had no other preconceived ideas to work in our favor for the rest of the week.  Not many rides that Brax could enjoy, but we did our best to keep him entertained along the way.  And I must say, he was actually quite a trooper the entire trip!  A note to remember...the stroller advantage was better than the Fast Pass advantage in some situations and even moreso in some of the other parks.  When you have a young child that doesn't meet the height requirements, the older kids and 1 parent can ride then when they come out, the kids can immediately get back in the short line with the other parent and ride again.  A pretty sweet deal.

We all loved Soarin' and probably should have done it several times more.  I wish they could construct seats for little ones because I think most would enjoy it.  Test Track and and Mission were good too.

Brax waiting!

Nemo and Friends & Turtle Talk with Crush was super cute!

You can't go wrong with jumping water for entertainment!

Traveling through England, we enjoyed meeting Pooh and Tigger.


We had dinner reservations at Teppan Edo in Japan.  I highly recommend it!  It was fun for the whole family.  We met a family from New York at our table.  

The kids enjoyed their special chop sticks.

Our talented and funny host was a Florida native...go figure!

In Norway, Brax found his special sword.  The native young lady had a sweet conversation with the kids.

Can't for the life of me tell you what country this represented, but Luke was really enjoying the drums!


Don't you love how Luke is trying to hold up Spaceship Earth!  No one even told him to do that!

Other cool stuff:
  • Living with the Land- looks at how much we could be doing to grow our food safe and bountiful.  really incredible stuff!
  • Sunshine Seasons- we ate an early lunch there and it was good.
  • Captain EO- the Michael Jackson short film was a good memory down 80's lane.  the funniest thing was when Luke thought MJ was a girl!
  • Gran Fiesta (Mexico) and Maelstrom (Norway) boat tours were good.
  • O Canada!- beautiful and funny thanks to Martin Short.
  • Cool Club- some good, and not so good, versions of "coke".  but free and cool are the key words!
  • Kidcot- the kids really enjoyed meeting natives from every country and having their passports stamped and signed in the native language.  everyone was so nice to the kids.  well worth the time.


BabyWheels said...

Wow so adorable! I can see clearly that you guys really had fun =) We visit WDW every year and I know the excitement, I'm like a kid who enjoys riding and just had fun around. Even my 5mos old baby in a stroller seems to enjoy just like her siblings.

Kimmy said...

What fun! Thanks for posting all these wonderful photos!