Thursday, February 16, 2012

December 2011

Are you sure you are ready for my last 2011 post?!!  I didn't quite finish in January as I had hoped, but mid-February isn't too shabby!

Anysa started piano lessons this past August and this is her Winter Recital.  I love seeing her up there!

Receiving her gold medal from her competition the day before.  We love Mrs. B.  She was Anysa's music teacher her first year here before she had another baby and went back to homeschooling her family.  We waited a year to get a slot and I gladly took the 7 AM time on Tuesdays she offered!

Is that not a cute $4 dress from a second-hand shop?!!!

Girl Scout Christmas party!

Luke's North Pole field trip.  I rarely get to go on fieldtrips because they are usually on the 2 days I work.  After 3 years, I was due one on a Friday!

I love seeing this!

"Mitkey Mouse and his fwends!"

Checking out all the sights from the train.

Going through the workshop!

He waited sooo patiently while all the big kids cut in front of him to pet the animals.

Another great encounter with Santa!

Well, somehow I got the pictures out of order!  Finally getting his chance to say hello to the animals!

In case you didn't hear him, he wants a "futeball".

A little more emphasis on the "futeball"!

Luke telling Brax to be quiet admist a bunch of 1st graders...too funny!

Sending a letter to the "real" North Pole.

 Luke's Christmas party...with his little buddy.

 Rudolph's Red Nose game which includes vaseline!

 Reindeer Antlers game which includes stuffing balloons into pantyhose before the teachers put them on their heads!  Mrs. D!

 Mrs. M!

 Brax discovered his love and talent for cutting (everything into small pieces!) in December.

 I finally got around to making this little goody.  I had only had the materials in my room for a few months!  Burlap is messy to sew with!

 I don't think she was very happy with her new book.  ;)  This girl can't wait to get a horse.

You can see my Christmas in July post here for more December stuff!


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