Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Disney 2011-Magic Kingdom Day 1

We stretched Magic Kingdom over 2 days, which I highly recommend.  Of course, it might depend on ages and interests; however, I think this is what worked best for us.  We had some dinner plans away from Magic Kingdom each night and by the time you park, ride, and take the ferry, well, you need time!  You can find a park plan for almost any situation (1 day, 2 days, teens, young kids, etc). 

We started in Fantasyland for Brax.  Dumbo the Flying Elephant was a standard carnival ride, but one would have thought you earned a thousand dollars with each ride based on the lines and hype!

Mad Tea Party was soooo fun for us!  Well, except for the photographer who passed on this one!  We did this once and then came back for more as you will see!

Tomorrowland Speedway
Anysa is giving us a preview of her driving intensity!

The boy car!

We headed back to the Tea Cups.  We were all laughing so hard at Brax!

My crazy duo!

I think he was having fun, don't you!

Pirates of the Caribbean
It's A  Small World

Some of the many ways to say good-bye.

Country Bear Jamboree

Walt Disney Railroad...I think.

A mid-day parade.

Our dinner reservation that night was for the Spirit of Aloha at Luau Cove at the Polynesian Resort.  It fun to see some other hotels where our dinners were located.  You know, see some of the fancy places we could have stayed!  :)

We took some pictures before entering the hotel because the scenery was so pretty.  A nice older lady was the only one available to take our picture.  I love this picture of us even though we almost missed being in the picture!!

But it was hard to resist this one too!

Anysa is somewhere up there participating in a dance.

One of the many dances we saw performed.  The show was a mix of a theatrical performance and different types of Polynesian dances.  The meal was family style set on your table.  And again, the food was plentiful and yummy.  I would say it was a good choice.  As we were leaving the dinner and walking through the beautiful courtyard, we got to watch the fireworks across the lake at Magic Kingdom.

Our little hula man!

We aren't typically the "buy the picture" family, but we loved this picture and bought the reasonably-priced package to bring home with us.

Since we spent 2 days at Magic Kingdom, I am going to save my extra thoughts for the next post.


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