Sunday, February 5, 2012

Disney 2011-Animal Kingdom

Day 2 found us at Animal Kingdom.  In my research, I read several times that AK can really be a 1/2 day park and I would totally agree.  So if you need some down time or want extra time in another park or have a reservation to make, doing it on the same day you do AK is the way to go.  Except for a few fun rides, a safari, and two really great shows, I would say AK is an over-rated zoo.

In front of Expedition Everest.  See how the kids are smiling?  They have no idea what is coming!  Mommy really wanted to ride this and I sorta tricked them into coming along.  They liked it (the park picture was hysterical), but not as much as me...the roller coaster junkie!

Now I know why I couldn't place this picture in Epcot!  It belongs in Africa in AK!!!  Ha!

The walking plant life was pretty neat!  Real people!

I will say that the Kilimanjaro Safaris was pretty special.  Hard to imagine being so close to the animals.  I'm not including all the animal pictures, but they were all great.

The "sleeps tonite" lion did make me a little nervous.

Brax and Daddy waiting on us as we rode the Kali River Rapids.

Lilo and Stitch.  No Brax.  ;)


Pocahontas was so stinkin' pretty.  This was the first time Brax actually got close to anyone.  He was starting to understand getting his autograph booked signed.

But as you can see, he hadn't quite conquered his fear of being in a picture with them.

Good thing he trusts his brother!  :)

Festival of the Lion King was a great show!!

Other stuff:
  • Kids Discovery Club- similar to Kidcot, but we were not as good about getting their cards stamped.  It was soooo hot/humid, crowded, and we were trying to just get done what we wanted to do.
  • Finding Nemo: The Musical- I don't know how often the character actors change, but this was a GREAT show thanks to the wonderful characters!  The main singer was so good.  Loved it!
  • Dinoland is for younger kids, but we only did 2 rides.  The rest was pretty lame.
  • Flights of Wonder-bird show.  Cool, but about the same you would get anywhere else.
  • We used the early morning hours advantage, but you couldn't tell.  At first i thought the park was extra crowded, but i think the problem is that the walking paths and general area of the park is smaller and more compact.

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Kimmy said...

I appreciate all your comments about the things that were good and things that were not-so-good. I am hoping that one day we will be able to go there too . . . hoping is the key word:)