Monday, February 13, 2012

October 2011

Pink Out Cancer Day at school!  My dude is not afraid of a little pink!

"Mmmmm, that is ummmy!"

The treasures that each of the kids painted themselves..Brax-dinosaur, Luke-snake, Anysa-horse.

Celebrating Daddy's birthday!

Brax is never anything BUT enthusiastic!

Daddy's new mug.

Anysa was so proud that she took these pictures herself.  I had to show them off!  She posed him and everything!

Cheering on Bubba at his football game.  "Doe Bubba!  Det dat ball!"

Coffee break with Gigi at the game.

Luke playing football.  Please don't ask me to point him out!  :)

Another coffee break with Gigi and Papa!



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