Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We are still doing less of the birthday party thing around here and more of small family celebrations with the kids getting a more adventerous 1:1 outing with a parent.  Luke wanted another Ranger baseball game and hotel stay in Dallas again this year. 

Everyone in on the "opening" act.

A new bounce back ball net.

Some Tony Hawk mini ramps.  I've had these in my attic for years!

Being led to his big surprise.

He just got his new bike!!

Anysa's expression is too funny!

He requested a cookie cake, but Gigi couldn't resist trying something fun too.  Luke didn't mind the extra sugar!

All the kids in their "Gigi" shirts with Gigi.

Luke~ you are always full of ideas, continually keep me on my toes, and have a precious heart.  You are still very much in training, but I know God has great plans for you!  Mommy


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