Monday, January 9, 2012

May 2011

May always seems to be a melting pot with so much on the calendar.
One of those rare pics with me not behind the camera!

Gigi and her babes.

For years, a local cattle farmer in town grazed some of his cows on this property.  We continued that when we moved here.  Good for the cows.  Good for our taxes!  In the spring, the mamas had their babies and Anysa loved it.  She worked really hard to get those cows to trust her.

I love how Brax held "still" while my mom cut his hair.

Cousins came to visit for Brax's birthday weekend.  He and Lylleigh (9 months older) make quite a pair!

His "swim" did include dunking his head as you can tell!

Brax had a hard time transitioning into bible class without me.  I have some theories about that, but for another time.  When he wasn't having difficulty, he loved class.  Being the oldest in his class, he likes to take charge!

Love this!

Luke and his buddies when we took snacks for his birthday celebration at school.

Now who gave him a cupcake?!?!  ;)

Machine-pitch was a tough transition for Luke, but I think he found his groove near the end.  He did a great job behind the plate.

Team mascot!


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