Monday, January 2, 2012


That's my girl.

My 9 yo girl.  And while I know this was really 51 weeks ago in our lives, I am pretending this was now.

Indulge me.  I am having a hard enough time letting her grow up!

She got to celebrate with her class at school.

Then we took 2 of her friends home with us for a fun little party night.  I took them to eat pizza.

And then I told the girls that we should go to W to get some snacks for the night.  They acted silly and had some fun.


Then, I completely surprised her by telling her that she was going to get to have her ears pierced!  It is not hard to tell that she!  I had always told her that she would have to wait until 10 to get them pierced, but I thought she totally deserved it a little early.  Don't you just love G's face in the background?!  She was scared and excited for Anysa!

Getttting ready!

Double whammy!

She was so proud of them!

Fun pic!

Those silly girls crammed themselves into my tub.

After presents, they crashed for a movie.  I went to bed after this.  I loved having a small group of girls I completely trust so I didn't have to stay up all night!

Getting creative the next morning.

Dinner, presents, and cake the next night!

Luke got her a watch he picked out himself.  :)

Another cute outfit!

And 9 candles to sparkle on her cake!

Things I want to remember about you right now~

You are absolutely the best big sister those boys could have.
You tolerate a lot from Luke!
You have become so responsible with Brax.
You still love being creative.
You have fun singing, dancing, and acting in your room.
You love Francesca, Taylor, and love singing along with the christian radio in the car.
You are letting your hair get long.
You are Micki's favorite human and you take such good care of her.
You fell in love with horses this year.
You are determined to get one.
You love watching Cake Boss, chef competitions, and Little House on the Prairie.
How much more confident you have become in your public speaking, your intelligence, and your independence.
How special you think it is when Mommy sleeps in your bed with you.
How sweet you are to our 92-year old neighbor and that you like to visit her on your own.
What a strong swimmer you have become.
How you trust me enough to talk about what's bothering you.
How you still believe in things.

I love you precious girl!


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