Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Luke Kindergarten Graduation 2011

As you may remember, Luke did already experience an incredible Kindergarten graduation, but since he did a bonus year at his new school last year (to allow him to become the oldest instead of the youngest through his school years), I had to document his second one as well.

Plus, I am always looking for a way to share actual family pictures!

On our way to graduation.  I have no idea how he got wet spots on his shirt!

One very smart and very cool dude!

Top row.  Third from left.  The handsome one!  :)

I would say he was proud of himself!

The principal and teachers are all so wonderful about loving on our kids.  And it's a good thing because Luke is a hugger at school!

I love how he is checking out his diploma.

Luke and Mrs. M.

For all the gray hairs he might be giving me, I love this boy something fierce!



Kimmy said...

Congrats! Great family shots!

Mommy Cracked said...

Way to go, Luke! Enjoyed looking through all of the pictures! Y'all had a very fun-filled year!