Wednesday, January 4, 2012

March 2011

March was full of activity!  Here we go!

Anysa won 4th place at her first UIL competition!

The kids both played UpWard basketball and this was the awards celebration.

Brax in the "out" house!

A row of thicket and yucky trees separated our property from my in-laws.  It got cleared and changed the look so much.  The clump of green trees right in the middle holds a little gem for the kids.  It is situated in such a way that kids have a nature clubhouse!  It's open in the middle, has some "seating", and an additional room!  Bonus for mom:  I can actually see my kids when they are playing in the woods.

I don't know what he was thinking, but yep, that is Luke asleep in Brax's crib.

Brax had fallen asleep after waking up too early one morning.  The crazy thing is that he stayed asleep while 6 other kids were being loud right outside the office door.

A game of Curious George at the Zoo, anyone?

During part of Spring Break, we hosted our dear friends!  The kids had a blast!  And I got some mommy time with my friend, Golda!

Weird sleeping again!

Forgive me, but I love pictures of sleeping kids and had to save our memories.  Anysa and Annebelle.

Sweet Jonah.

Isaac and Levi.

The weather cooperated and we took everyone fishing at my in-laws pond.  Gigi and Brax caught one!

Annebelle squealed with delight over her catch!

Anysa's catch!

I love this pic of the boys!  They have known each other since birth.

On the dock.

These two are quite a pair.  He is definately Papa's little buddy!

Yea for Isaac!


Go Levi!

Luke did it!

Trying for a group shot before the gang went home.  You can see how well that went!  :)

The start of a new baseball season...machine pitch!


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