Tuesday, January 3, 2012

February 2011

He loves his boots and his not afraid to wear them...with anything!  :)

We got MORE snow in February!  Another fun day at home!

I love how Brax is flinching as Luke throws the snowball to the window.

Luke and Anysa working on a electric creation.  We love that electric set.

Luke and Brax working on, uh, something.

Anysa attended her first ever Father-Daughter dance.  She was simply beautiful!

Getting her first corsage from Daddy.

The lovely couple!

The official party shot.

Brax herding his puppies!  Oh my, those were some crazy days!

We kept one of the puppies and I often wonder what a pair he and Brax would have made had we not lost him around 5 months of age. 


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