Thursday, January 5, 2012

April 2011

When Luke started playing baseball this last spring, Daddy was one of his coaches.  You can imagine how hard it was to keep an anxious, up and coming young ball player like Brax off the field and out of the dugout during the games.  Especially when both Daddy and big brother were out there.  Not fair, right?!
Warming up the bat for brother!

Am I next, Coach?

Our backyard is his practice field.

It is so funny to me to watch how closely he resembles Luke in his tendency to want to play ball.  Any kind of ball!  This is serious business to him!  He is forever asking someone to "pway ball wif me?".   Glove, bat, helmet...all too big.  Doesn't matter!!

Just a few random egg-dying pics!  Apparently, someone was hungry!

OK, this is a terrible picture, but this is too important not to document!  Our anesthesiologist took this pic with his phone and texted it for me since I had not brought my phone back to the waiting area to be with Brax.  Following in his siblings footsteps, Brax inherited large tonsils and adnoids.  We noticed Brax's problems (actually, I really do think he was worse than the other two) sooner because he stayed in our bedroom until he was 14 months old.  By 5 months of age, we knew he was a heavy breather and often snorted when sleeping.  It only got worse and allergies didn't help.  The big kids were both 3 when they had both their tonsils and adenoids removed.  It was such a difference for their breathing, sleeping, moods!  We didn't do it because they were sick all the time....they weren't.  Brax's tonsils are profoundly huge.  Take a look sometime!  We often wonder why he doesn't choke more when he eats.  Our human bodies are amazing!  We had to guess that his adenoids were the same.  Post operation, our ENT told us that he had almost 100% blockage from his adenoids!  I am so glad we had them removed.  We decided to wait on tonsils, but I am thinking it will be sometime in the next year.


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