Monday, November 12, 2007

You Knew Me When

Oh, I so needed some inspiration for today's thoughts!

Unfortunately, for some, it may be repeat thoughts! Hopefully, for most, it will be like a fresh breeze on a muggy day!


See, I just found Maura over here and she has inspired me with something fun! She is having a bloggy birthday and celebrating by giving away some $ if you share your first post and tell a little bit about how you have grown. You can find all the details here

I pretty much explain why I started doing all this in my first post, so I won't repeat myself. But, what I know for sure, is that it has become so much more than I ever expected. Now someone in this home likes to refer to all this as a possible outcry to Bloggers Anonymous, but I would disagree.

True, it has meant late nights and early mornings to either read or post. True, I should really analyze my time with all this and see how to manage it better (thoughts on that coming Wednesday!). True, maybe I should actually try to earn some $$ since it seems to be my new hobby.

But do you want to know what is most true?

* Making some really nice friends, both in-person and online.
* Liking people online before I ever had a chance to make in-person judgements that might have never allowed me to know some INCREDIBLE women.
* Learning so much! And really, good stuff!
* Laughing for so many reasons, but mostly for realizing I am so not alone!
* Crying because someone was hurting and I didn't even know them.
* Having the opportunity to pray for so many and making a conscious effort to let that be visible here.
* Occasionally writing about things that make a difference.
* Realizing this is so much bigger than a few contests-which was the real catalyst for finally starting my own blog (so I could enter and host them; silly, huh!)

Oh well, all that being said, read here to see me in action on my first day!



Cyndy said...
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Cyndy said...

wish I would have had something like the internet and blogging available when I was raising my children. What great resources!!!! Somehow they turned out pretty good without it, though. It just would have made my life a little easier. I remember all the trips to the library I use to make whenever something would turn up that I knew absolutely nothing about! I'm enjoying your blog!