Saturday, November 3, 2007

And the pampering goes to.....


I am so excited for her!

And although I do not know her very well yet, my guess is she needs some pampering since she homeschools AND is helping her husband with a new church. You can find her talking about that over at In The Beginning.

She is going to get a mini Ginger Citrus Set (sugar scrub, body wash, & body butter) and the Skin Conditioning Oil from Arbonne.

I actually have another special announcement regarding this prize, but I will have to wait until confirmation to share it with you!!

THANK YOU everyone who entered for my Fall Y'all prize giveaway! There were so many that said how much they needed this, so I hated having to choose. Actually "Random Generator" chose, so you could blame him!

It was fun (although I have not won anything at this point-boo hoo!) and I have so many new people to get to know better! I know that alone will be a huge blessing!

For all those that did not win and would be interested in learning more about Arbonne's incredible products, feel free to email me for information about the products and my specials. Sorry for the hassle, but I have decided to take my Arbonne website address off of my blog for security purposes; I can share that site with anyone that personally emails me!

Don't miss out....everything is HALF-OFF in November!!



Laane said...

Congrats to the winner, and thank you for participating.
It was such a pleasure to see al those wonderful sites and give-aways. And ofcourse the waiting for the lucky winner.

I hope you'll win something.

Betsy said...

I will enjoy it! Thanks!