Monday, November 19, 2007

In case of unraveling

I must say that we are nearing my favorite time of the year!

Oh, how I wish Texas saw just a tad bit more change of color which would nicely precede a little more white around here!

But as much as this season can bring so much joy, if you are like me, you might find it bringing on a little more stress as well.

Which reminded me of a few things I have been meaning to tell you about for several months now.

I wanted to share with you a couple of places to visit that make life a little easier to handle. Maybe for you. Maybe for someone you know.

TighterKnot and TeenShrink are sites that were individually developed by people that I know and trust. And while at this point I have not used either service personally, I can TOTALLY AND WITHOUT RESERVATION recommend these sites just based on the incredible integrity of these two men.

TighterKnot is online marriage enrichment. I know Scott and know that he has worked hard over the last year to develop this program. His passion was great enough to quit a lucrative employment situation to make this happen. Boyish grin and salesman tone of voice aside ;), he has a true heart for down-to-earth and compassionate ministry that reaches out across boundaries of any kind.

TeenShrink is accessible teen counseling that fits our busy life styles. Koy is another incredibly Godly man that believes in the power of serving both in his personal and his professional life. He is passionate about making God real to those he meets and I have no doubt this will be a ministry with great impact on many lives.

If you or someone you know ends up using either of these services, be sure to tell Scott or Koy that I said "Hi!". They did not know I was going to introduce them to you and I am getting absolutely nothing to say all this nice stuff about them! ;)

I just thought it was worth sharing!


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