Saturday, November 24, 2007

She shoots! She scores!

Yes, last night I DID go to bed at 8:30 PM.

On purpose!

Cuz lordy I was dragging all day after my 4:00 AM adventure on Black Friday in a small town!

You know, I am a nice person. Really, I am. And truly, I went with a calm spirit. Reminding myself that it was no big deal, enough to go around, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

But when the redneck girl threw me some attitude as I patiently waited for my loot, could have been ugly.

But it wasn't. I.just.kept.breathing.

My MIL and I started at Wal-Mart where we immediately had to part ways in order to get in our respective lines for waiting. She went to toys (which was in cosmetics) and I went to electronics (which was in....electronics; go figure since all the other special blitz items were stacked in odd places all over the store). In each section, the areas were roped off with yellow tape until 5 AM sharp. And they were indeed guarded by the law!

So! I got in LINE like we were SUPPOSED to do like the nice lady TOLD us to do while she also TOLD us to relax, DON'T rush the counter, DON'T be grabbing, she would be handing electronics out ONE.AT.A.TIME otherwise someone or something was going to get hurt!

And then a funny thing happened.

SOME people started making their OWN lines. Their own lines that were in no way part of THE LINE I was in. Oh, I could feel my chest start to tighten. So, I politely asked the stranger lady behind me to watch my cart and purse (we were tight like that!) and casually walked up to politely ask the officer for a clarification on the line issue. He.wasnot.helpful! OH, but the nameicantsayoutloudhereonthisfamilyfriendlyblog WAS MOST CERTAINLY HELPFUL as she threw her uneducated wordicantsayoutloudbecauseyoumightthinklessofme opinion of my question back my way.

Thank you. Thank you very much for your ignorance!

So, I continued to wait where I was supposed to wait and quietly wondered to myself if the saying really was true that "the first shall be last and the last shall be first and the meek shall inherit the earth" (paraphrasing one of my favorite books, of course!).

And yes, yes there was the mad cow rush to the counter. And yes, yes I did have to get a little assertive. In a kind way, of course!

Because, in my humble opinion, this was worth it.

I would like to introduce you to my new little friend

Kodak EasyShare Z710 Digital Camera

And she was willing to be my friend for the mere price of $149. She liked me enough to not make me pay the regular retail price of $229 for her friendship. (And if you got a better deal on this item, please don't tell me cuz it might make me cry that she gave herself away cheaper to someone else!)

This is indeed my first digital camera, so y'all better stand back from the bright light of greatness you will start seeing around this here blog real soon.

Cuz I have been getting to know my new friend real well!

And while the friend I really wanted could not come play with me cuz she was asking over $600 for her friendship, I am happy. And maybe one day we can all be friends!

OH, back to my shopping!

We did well. My MIL went totally overboard on her only grandchildren. My 2 kids! I was able to get gifts for my MIL, my mother, my kids, my niece and nephews, and the kids in my coop group plus a few other special kiddos in my life.

We then went to Goody's (small town y'all!) where I took care of my kids, my FIL, and myself ;)

And finally, we headed to Staples two doors down in hopes that few others had mad rushed in to grab my other two new BFF's

Brother PT1010 Handheld Label Maker!

Oh, indeed, did my organizing self need this! And after the discount and the rebate, only $9.95! Retailing at $39.95!


HeatSeal® H212 9.5" Jam Free Series Pouch Laminator

I am going to be a crazy picture-taking, labeling, laminating momma! And this baby, only $39.99 after discounts and rebates! Retailing at over $140!

Shhhh, don't tell my kids, but they got




The Vtech Nitro Notebooks (which I scored for $15 each!) were instead of the

Kidz Digital Camera Kits

I had already purchased which I will be returning to the store on Tuesday. I have read mostly bad reviews on them and most digital cameras for kids, that I decided to try it another year. Guess they will continue to enjoy my phone for taking pics. I really wanted to get them these handheld DVD players for car trips which were super duper cheap, but I was vetoed by someone who doesn't regularly make long trips with the kids!

And while I really want to share my frustrations about trying to find the kids the few items I really wanted to get them this year without supporting China, I will save it for another day! I will just say that we need some serious electronics making going on here in the USA!!

Along with the stories I have stored in my brain from this long holiday week!

See you Monday!


p.s. I wasn't trying to be greedy. I considered my purchases to be gifts from the husband and kids for both Christmas AND my birthday which falls in January! And yes, the need to purchase my own gifts due to past experience could be another story itself ;)


Jennifer said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful! I hope you two will have a long, beautiful friendship! And I hope your enjoy your other new friends as well!

You are a brave woman! I just can't manage to get myself out of my house on Black Friday! Sounds like you did quite well though - so good for you!

And going ahead and getting the gifts for yourself? Not greedy - smart!!!

Golda said...

Nice Job! I can hardly wait to see your digital camera!! I'm expecting you to follow through and see lots of pictures!

The Carrell's said...

Your stories are HILARIOUS!!! I can totally picture you at Wal-Mart with 'those peopel'...and I am right there with you. Although, I would hesitate to share some of MY stories on-line:-) Let's just say, sometimes you have to do what you have to do, right?! Congrats on the purchases. I'm jealous of your fancy camera. And, I hope you'll love your label maker as much as I love mine. Yeah for OCD!! Santa put one in my stocking a couple years ago (and he thought of it all on his own...shocker!!)

kel said...

I was out at 3:00 am too, but not as crazy as hubby as him and my cousin spent the night at Best Buy they arrived at 4:00 pm on Thanksgiving day and were number 52in line. They both got what they wanted and now Britt will be receiving a laptop for xmas and probably not appreciate the sacrifice her dad did of spending the night in the cold.

Mrs. Who said...

I can't stand people who don't understand the whole concept of "Hello, the line is here"! And then have attitude about it. Last year, I went out on Black Friday to get my daughter a digital camera on sale. They didn't get them in time, so I nicely told the person at the counter I would pick one up later. He was so overwhelmed at my niceness that he gave me a MUCH better camera for the sale price. So it pays to be nice!!

Jenna said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures that you will be taking! Your description of your shopping experience made me laugh out loud!